How to make sure you are creating enough wealth

Kavya Balaji   /   April 20, 2020
creating enough wealth

Whenever you think about your finances, the primary thing you should ask yourself is whether you are making enough wealth. Why? The response to this inquiry will assist you with accomplishing all your money related objectives. To see whether you are making wealth for every one of your objectives, you have to evaluate the amount of cash you will require for these objectives. How can you find that out?

As a matter of fact, you should contact a financial consultant such as who will have the resources to give you an estimate of the amount you will require for every one of your objectives. However, if you are working it out all alone, you can utilise a number of tools available online. Do consider inflation when you use those calculators. Finding the amount you require for every objective will let you know whether you are making enough wealth. Let’s consider an example to understand this.


One of your financial objectives is retirement. Suppose you are 28 years of age and will retire when you turn 58 years. You hope to live until you are 78 years of age. If your current month to month costs are Rs. 25,000, what amount of money will you need for your retirement? You will require Rs. 3.85 crores in corpus. It doesn’t stop here.

Imagine a scenario where your yearly costs are higher and come to Rs. 5 lakhs and you intend to go on journeys and getaways for which you will spend Rs. 2 lakhs? At that point, you will require Rs. 5.9 crores as retirement corpus. This is without considering inflation. If you consider inflation to be about 6%, you will require Rs. 5 crores corpus for managing an income to meet your month to month costs alone. If you need to spare that much when you resign, what is the sum you have to contribute now?

If you need to put aside that amount for your retirement, you should contribute at least Rs. 5 lakhs if the return on your investments give you 7% or Rs. 3 lakhs if your investments will give you over 10% every year. Think these amounts are tough to calculate? Take the assistance of consultants at When you are finished assessing the sum required for every one of your objectives and the sum you have to contribute, you should take a look at the investments that you can make to create enough wealth to achieve your goals.

What are the investments?

This is the next million-rupee question at the forefront of your thoughts. Since most monetary objectives are long haul ones, you should put resources into riskier instruments with the goal of making better returns. The best investments will be stocks, mutual funds, post office savings such as Public Provident Fund (PPF) and other such securities. Since you are investing over the long run, it doesn’t make a difference if the investments have a lock-in.

The most ideal approach to making wealth is to put resources into investments that are well regulated. These will include bank deposits and mutual funds. Despite the fact that mutual funds are well managed, you should do a considerable amount of research if you are investing on your own. Try not to take on funds that are not straightforward. These include investments, for example, in thematic funds. For these you need the help of a financial planner.

You also need to understand the investments, the risks involved and also the tax implications. You should peruse the terms and conditions cautiously, particularly for investments such as Unit Linked Investment Plan (ULIP).

In the event that you are running on a strict spending plan, start with a modest quantity of investments consistently and afterward step it up each year as you get pay hikes. You should attempt to increase your investments in any event by 5%-10% consistently to make enough wealth for your objectives. Ensure that you assess your investments at least once every year.

Having said that, the manner in which you contribute to investments will be dependent on your age as your wealth will diminish as you go past every one of your objectives. That is the reason why you have to design your portfolio according to your age to make enough wealth.

For instance, in your 20s, you might be into your first job and be single. Regardless of whether you have dependents or not, you need to begin setting aside your cash. The earlier you begin setting aside, the more cash you will have when you begin making investments for your objectives. For example, if you can invest Rs. 10,000 in your 20s, you will have Rs. 6.4 crores when you retire from work. Even if you start investing Rs. 20,000 after you turn 30 years of age, you will have just Rs. 4 crores when you retire.

To make enough wealth, use your salary hikes to step up investments for your objectives and make sure that your loans are within 50% of your take-home. For instance, if your salary is Rs. 90,000 per month, your loan EMIs shouldn’t exceed Rs. 45,000 per month. Never use your retirement savings for any of your other goals.

Always review your portfolio consistently and align it to your life goals and financial requirements.

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